Took a bath for the first time in a very long time and felt so content. Not sure if it was from the bath or the feeling of relaxation or just the overall giving thanks theme of the weekend. But I had an overwhelming feeling of thankfulness and happiness as I lay there in rose... Continue Reading →



Happiness. I think 2017 has been a year trying to figure out what really makes me happy and what drives me to live and be "successful." October was a really good month for me—I felt really connected to my family and friends, spent a lot of quality time with my mom, felt stronger than ever... Continue Reading →

Six Months.

This year my new years resolution was/is to be in the best shape of my life- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Six months have passed and I believe I'm making some progress. Not the fastest, but it's there. I started an Instagram (@rohhboat) to log and track my fitness/health journey. Mostly to track my progress... Continue Reading →

Showing Up

Week 3- Showing up is half the battle- to work, school, life blah blah blah. Just being there is the hardest part. Grateful for reliable friends and support system. Found this random place in Irvine, Moon Valley Nursery. I thought it was a place for kids... BIKRAM YOGA IRVINE- with Eric. I promised myself I... Continue Reading →


I've been trying real hard to prevent my smile lines- wrinkles, aging, dying etc. Whitty finds them attractive on others. Perspective? That's the lesson of the week. Things aren't working out? Do something about it. Or change your perspective. Heath and Fitness:  Stayed really consistent! Strength trained, yoga, and cycling six times this week. Consistency... Continue Reading →

Commitment (lol)

I clearly cannot commit to a blog for 52 weeks. Let's try again? For the 10th time? HAH. I honestly just wanted to start a blog where I can write and post pictures of my week. It's fun to look back on but I never thought of myself as a "writer." Shout out to Brian... Continue Reading →

Victoria Beach 

January 8, 2017 Victoria Beach- a not so secret gem in Laguna Beach. Protip- golden hour is the prettiest but also when the real photographers come out to play (not us). Therefore, it's super crowded and very difficult to get photos with no people. Here's a picture Whitty edited! Me: "Whitty, I'm going to pretend... Continue Reading →

2017- Week 1

HAPPY NEW YEAR.  Let’s see if I can keep this up for 52 weeks. Day 1- Spent the first day of the year hiking! As always never fully prepared, there was snow… and we were in running shoes and a hoodie. But that’s fine. Day 2-7 Hung out with my family. Dinner and shopping. First run […]

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